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Climate change IS  happening,

but we can make a difference!

The True Sunbeam and I have teamed up with Powur to help transform our nation's energy supply to clean, solar energy. 

Why team up with Powur

1. Clean, solar energy helps leave our planet better for our children and grandchildren.

2. Powur is making solar affordable. Families receive a FREE evaluation of their home, and can qualify for a no-cost installation! 

3. Powur provides quality. Powur partners with the top solar installers with the best reputations in their service areas. Providers include:  GoSolar, ZeroCost Solar, Velocity Solar, National Sun Energy, Grid City Energy, Superior Solar, Momentum Solar, Solar Energy World, and many more!

4. Powur saves homeowners money on their electricity. Imagine powering your home, electric car, and other devices for LESS than you're currently paying each month - while being more gentle to our planet. 

5. Powur is re-distributing the wealth and power of the energy industry from big corporations to individual entrepreneurs and homeowners. Powur is doing for the energy industry what Uber did for the taxi industry and what AirBnB has done for the hotel/motel industry. By creating a model that allows individuals  to make money,  everyone wins: Homeowners get great opportunities to add solar to their homes affordably. Solar providers are able to lower their marketing costs and pass those savings on to homeowners. There's no longer a monopoly on energy. Clean energy finally has a chance to be integrated and be the viable energy source our planet, communities, and future generations need. 

*Get a FREE evaluation and find out if you qualify for a $0 down installation!

You will need to have your most recent electricity bill handy to find out if you qualify.

*NOTE: Powur is an international company, but may not be available in all areas within each country. The above link is an affiliate link. Mark Olmstead, author of The True Sunbeam, may receive payment. However, he wouldn't associate his name or products with a service he does not truly believe in or trust. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of this opportunity is entirely your choice and it is up to you to do your due diligence to ensure it is a good fit for you and your home.

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