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One Song & One Story

at a Time!

The Adventures of The True Sunbeam
Original. Award-Winning. Family Keepsake.


As the winner of the International Best Indie Book Award for children's books, kids of all ages benefit from this delightfully illustrated book! Follow the True Sunbeam as he discovers who and what he truly is. This original poem and story by "Uncle Mark" Olmstead is a beautiful reminder to children, grandchildren, and our own inner child of the importance of shining our brightest light in the world.

Special Keepsake Features:

The story book and coloring book each include:

  • Shining Moments pages in the back remind parents to ask the most important question of the day, and help children build confidence and self-esteem by creating a record of their accomplishments, worth and loving presence in the world.

  • The Shining Moments prompting questions guide children to focus on what matters most to help instill a positive attitude and develop problem solving skills.

The coloring book includes the above PLUS:

  • An Artist and Date line on every page allows the most important people in a child's life to contribute to their keepsake, so the child always has their love to hold onto.


The True Sunbeam Coloring Book
The True Sunbeam on Kindle

Children of all ages are being inspired and motivated by these original works

from award-winning author, poet, songwriter, and musician, Uncle Mark Olmstead.

"Uncle Mark reminds kids and grown-ups that

now is our chance to shine!"

~ Mike Ponder, Portland, Oregon ~

"I would recommend this book to any parent, aunt,

uncle, grandparent, or anyone who wants to send

out a positive light to the next generation."

~ 5 Star amazon Review by Cherie Bradley ~

"What a wonderful story, book, and family treasure.

An opportunity for the whole generational family

to bless and be blessed."

~ Jerry Preator, Life Coach & Facilitator ~

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  • $12.95 per story book + s/h

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  • $3.99 for the Kindle

  • Delivery time 1-3 weeks, depending on your choice of shipping. 

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For Just $9.95 you receive ALL of the following:

  • Coloring book in PDF download. 

    • Print a copy for every child​

    • Print & reprint your favorite pages

    • Print extra Shining Moments pages whenever you need them.

  • PLUS:  ePub file so you can download the full color version to a device of your choice!​

  • PLUS: The 5 Star Self Confidence Toolkit. A parent support system for building healthy, happy homes.

    • Delivered once a week for 12 weeks. ​

    • Includes inspirational songs and poems, additional Shining Moments prompting questions to engage children of all ages, and family-oriented recommendations for movies and so much more!