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Books by Mark Olmstead

Before your child reaches an age of being being susceptible to bullying, addiction, entitlement, and life threatening peer pressure... what if you could avoid today's troubling epidemics affecting so many kids' formative years? 

Are you tired of thinking to yourself, "But what can I do about it?" after every tragic incident of school violence?  


With The Adventures of the True Sunbeam you have the solution you've been waiting for-effectively disguised-as a kid's book!

Within the pages of The Adventures of the True Sunbeam, you'll find an award winning plan where the whole family, in as little as 5 minutes a day, can help raise your child's self esteem and sense of belonging out of the danger zone on wings of confidence, gratitude, and a positive self image.

Imagine sharing the best moments of your child's day, shifting their focus away from troubles and turmoil while building a life-time keepsake of positive memories, and developing a "life saving" habit that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

"I would recommend this book to any parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or anyone who wants to send out a positive light to the next generation."

~ 5 Star amazon Review by Cherie Bradley

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The True Sunbeam Family Keepsake Coloring Book

By Mark Olmstead

Winner of the International Best Indie Book Award for children's books, this interactive bedtime parent support "system" is winning approval from kids and parents alike. Though some aspects of the book might be more appreciated by kids aged 4 through 8, clearly it has something for "kids from 4 to 94!"  

This delightfully illustrated keepsake coloring book tells the story of a curious Sunbeam following his dream of going to town. Riding a radiant river he discovers the "little things" who help him learn what it means to be a "True Sunbeam." This original poem and story by Mark Olmstead is a support system to both kids and adults - helping develop resilience in gratefully following our dreams while learning to persevere and shine our brightest light in the world.


Special Keepsake Features Include:

  • An Artist and Date line on every page allows the most important people in a child's life to contribute to their keepsake, so the child always has real evidence of the love for them they can physically touch at any time.  Having family members color, sign and date a page, the bedtime story can essentially be "told" by the whole family! ... and no matter where that grandparent, loved one, special person, or family member may be,  their love continues to communicate to the child from the page! 

  • Shining Moments pages: After the story, parents are reminded to ask the most important question of the day, which is... "What was your brightest shining moment today?" This practice not only improves the quality of a child's dreams, but over time, writing them down strengthens self-esteem and confidence by creating a record of these moments and experiences... In today's challenging world, this evidence of the child "at their best" plays an important role in developing resilience and an easy access reminder of who they REALLY are.

  • The Shining Moments prompting questions helps direct their focus to what matters most to create a positive attitude, develop problem-solving skills and find more shining moments to be grateful for.

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The True Sunbeam Family Keepsake Picture Book

By Mark Olmstead

The best time to develop a child's life affirming gratitude practice is while the subconscious mind is still in formation before the age of seven.

This original rhyming story, well designed keepsake book and "starter journal" is a great opportunity for parents to support a deeper bonding relationship with their kids.

While practicing connecting  with their brightest shining moments, kids get clarity about their true interests. resilience in following dreams, and gratitude for the journey. 


Kids will enjoy this delightfully illustrated, full-color interactive, picture book and International Best Indie Book Award winning bedtime story! Join the adventures of a curious Sunbeam who journeys to earth to follow a dream!  With the help of some "little things" he encounters along he way, he discovers what it means to be a "True" Sunbeam.


Special Keepsake Features Include:

  • The Shining Moments pages after the story, remind parents to ask the most important question of the day, which is:  
    "What was your brightest shining moment today?" 
    Developing this habit improves a child's dreams and by writing them down can build confidence and self-esteem over time, while creating a record of their best and brightest  experiences. Imagine how good the child will feel about themselves seeing you writing their words down in their own book? Bonded BIG time!

  • The Shining Moments prompting questions help kids focus on what matters most to create a positive attitude, develop problem-solving skills and find more shining moments to be grateful for.


Available in paperback and Kindle!

"What a wonderful story, book, and family treasure. An opportunity for the whole generational family to bless and be blessed."

~ Jerry Preator, Life Coach & Facilitator

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